Human Recourses Development

AVIC INTERNATIONAL is a distinctive new-style state-owned enterprise that has taken “go beyond commerce for a better world” as its mission. The employees/potential employees of AVIC INTERNATIONAL are chosen on the basis of its values, which are “people-orientation, responsibility, partnership, innovation and the unity of knowing and doing.”


AVIC INTERNATIONAL, a company that has enjoyed a stable and rapid development, has been committed to exploring and creating a new working mechanism for its employees. It offers a competitive “incentive pay system” for its employees, ensures that they can live a life of dignity and provides a platform for diversified development without a glass ceiling. In short, it has created a very rewarding working environment and cultural atmosphere for them.

Leave a Staff Position Vacant

Being a company that pursues excellence, AVIC INTERNATIONAL welcomes all of you who have a good character and professional competence and identify with the values of our company to join us! Let’s move forward together and help AVIC INTERNATIONAL fulfill its mission of fostering a first-class enterprise group to become a multinational outstanding enterprise that is loved by its employees, praised by its customers and respected by society.

AVIC-International Business School

Building a learning-oriented enterprise is the corner stone of AVIC INTERNATIONAL for further development. The Business School faculties put inspiring education and humble learning first, pursue mental and physical harmony, and foster joyful mentality, charming personality and responsibility. Morality, aesthetic appreciation and knowledge learning should not be kept in mind but also carried out in action.