About Us

About us

AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTERNATIONAL) is a global diversified holding business group, and is affiliated with Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). Our business involves aviation, international trade, electronic manufacturing, retail, property operation and management, hotel management, etc. The corporation owns 8 domestic and foreign listed companies, and has established over 160 branches in more than 60 countries. Our clients spread in over 180 countries and regions. In 2015, the global sales revenue was $20.47 billion.

AVIC INTERNATIONAL focuses on aviation business providing aviation manufacturing and operation services worldwide. The business covers aviation product export, international cooperation, subcontract production, technology introduction, materials and equipment purchasing, etc.

Upholding the concept of “Go beyond commerce for a better world”, AVIC INTERNATIONAL centers the power of China development and focuses on key industries through infrastructure, energy and electricity, rail transport, cement, petrochemical and vocational education to form unique professional strength. A batch of representative projects with features already made their brand known in local markets.

More than 30 years of experience implants the outstanding gene into the corporation that a number of famous brands have grown up from it. Tianma Micro-electronics, Rainbow Department, FIYTA, Shennan Circuit, AVIC Property Management and Grand Skylight Hotel Management, have established industrial advantages in their field, and is constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of technology and business model. At present, the corporation is serving as a leader in reinvigorating national brands and is committed to making the Chinese brands step into the world.