When the Age of Sharing Arrives

Liu Hongde

Chairman of AVIC International

  The year 2015 is a year of dramatic changes in all industries. The concept of “sustainable development” was unprecedentedly arduous and seemingly unachievable for traditional industries. In this year, AVIC INTERNATIONAL was forging ahead with its strategic shift, and made remarkable breakthroughs. However, times were changing at a pace faster than our transformation as we born witness to changes in business models, management tools and marketing approaches that were once familiar to us.
  This year, all enterprises were committed to exploring the key to the “Internet Plus”,nonetheless, the explosive power of the Internet was substantially underestimated. Internet firms messed up with traditional industries overnight. People choose Uber over taxis for a travel; Airbnb over hotels for a home-stay; and home-cooking over restaurants. Sharing economy, a new economic form that derives from the Internet yet more disruptive than the Internet itself is surging ahead.
  While the Internet economy is besieging traditional industries, sharing economy is uprooting them. It essentially vitalizes the existing resources, matches supply with demand in a better way, and creates greater value for customers. And it also targets the Achilles’ heel of traditional enterprises in supply and demand imbalance, and destroys previous
trading order and business logic from the very bottom of economic relationships.
  Standing in the teeth of the storm, some member enterprises or subsidiaries of AVIC INTERNATIONAL started their exploration of sharing economy during our strategic shift in 2015. Rainbow Department Store defines “Rainbow Scarf” as a local life service platform, and connects hospital, beauty salon, laundry and car washing services within 1.5 km to the platform, so as to gather trade and services through the Internet and provide merchants and consumers with better solutions. AVIC International Aero-Development Corporation, dedicated to sharing channel resources, equipment leasing platforms and commercial and legal services, established an aviation manufacturing federation. AVIC Property Management introduced collaborative consumption to the use of workplace and office services, customizing cubicles and meeting rooms according to the needs of tenants, and matching enterprises with unused working space with those in temporary needs.
  During the strategic transformation, we have more sparks of ideas of sharing. We believe that sharing economy is not limited to start-up enterprises.Possibly for AVIC INTERNATIONAL faced with multiple waves of shocks, the idea of
sharing economy is exactly the key to the door of “Internet Plus”. Even though AVIC INTERNATIONAL is mainly engaged in traditional industries and has no Internet origin, the ideas of sharing the good and utilizing resources efficiently advocated by sharing economy correspond with responsibility shouldered by the Company as a state-owned enterprise of sustainable development in economy, society and environment-wise. As these concepts also coincide naturally with our mission of “Go beyond commerce for a better world” as well as our management philosophy of elaboration and the pursuit of excellence, we believe that, based on the responsive chord stricken by the ideas of “sharing” in our heart and our inventiveness in various domains in more than three decades, we are endowed with genes, gift, resources and capabilities of pushing forward “sharing” economy.
  When the age of “sharing”arrives, we are convinced that the mission of “Go beyond commerce for a better world” can be achieved. It is our sincere hope that more new business models be established through “sharing”amid the growth of talents. We believe that a better world will be created in “sharing”.
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