The Distribution of Our Invested EnterprisesClick to visit the website of our businesses

Aviation Business

  • WebsiteAVIC International Aero-Development Corporation
  • WebsiteAVIC International Logistics Company Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC International Holding (Zhuhai) Company Limited
  • International Cooperation Div.
  • WebsiteContinental Motors, Inc.
  • Align Aerospace Holding, Inc.
  • Aritex Cading, S.A.
  • AIM Altitude
  • WebsiteShenzhen Aero Fasteners MFG Company Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC International Simulation Technology Service Co., Ltd..

International Business

  • WebsiteAVIC International Beijing Company Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC-INTL Project Engineering Company Ltd.
  • WebsiteAVIC International Engineering Corporation

Electronic Business

  • WebsiteTianma Microelectronics Company Limited
  • WebsiteShennan Circuits Company Limited
  • AVIC Huadong Photo-electronics Company Limited

Non-Aviation Supply Chain Services

  • WebsiteAVIC Lutong Company Limited
  • AVIC International Cereal and Oil Trading Co., Ltd.
  • WebsiteAVIC International Ship Development (China) Ltd.
  • WebsiteAVIC International Steel Trade Company Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC International Minerals & Resources Company Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC International Xiamen Company Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC International Trade & Economic Development Limited
  • WebsiteAVIC International Renewable Energy Company Limited

Retail and Consumables Business

  • WebsiteRainbow Department Store Company Limited
  • Website FIYTA Holdings Limited.
  • AVIC Shenzhen Trading Corporation

Property and Hotel Business

  • WebsiteAVIC Property Management Company Limited
  • AVIC Gongqing City Industrial Company Limited
  • WebsiteShenzhen Grand Skylight Hotel Management Company Limited
  • Guangdong International Building Industrial Company Limited