Rural Teacher Training

AVIC INTERNATIONAL has launched the “Blue Chalk” Rural Teachers Training Project in the past three years, and recruited nearly 100 volunteers nationwide to train nearly 12,000 teachers from over 600 rural schools in Ruijin city, Shicheng county, Yudu county, Ningdu county in Jiangxi, and Zhijin county in Guizhou. All these volunteers are mostly experienced key teachers who have long been committed in teaching, including the Outstanding Headmaster in South Guangdong Province, Outstanding Headmaster in Shenzhen, Outstanding Teacher in Shenzhen, and other leading teachers in various cities and districts. The training covers primary Chinese language, mathematics and English, middle-school Chinese language, mathematics, and English, psychological consultation for primary and secondary school teachers, and school management, such as the concept of school management, new curriculum teaching concept, classroom teaching models and methods and case studies.