Africa Tech Challenge(ATC)

The Volunteer Teaching Campaign in Shenzhen, the first in China to recruit volunteer teachers to go to mountainous areas with private funds, has recruited 953 volunteer teachers since 2006 when it was initiated, benefiting nearly 100,000 students in over 280 rural schools in 14 provinces and autonomous regions, and winning extensive praises. In 2011, the Campaign was awarded the highest honor in the public charity field in China --- the 6th China Charity Award. In December 2010, the Campaign was listed as one of the Five Innovative Models for Social Organizations to Alleviate Poverty in Guangdong Province.
Since 2007, AVIC INTERNATIONAL has continued to fund this Campaign, with the total sponsorship of over RMB 5.5 million. The Campaign is well received by local governments and education authorities and the volunteer teachers have become the most popular ones.